ustomer Corner

The Santa Rosa Shooting Center is an AWESOME facility! Charlie Hazelwood and the rest of the staff went above and beyond in helping us put on a successful Clay Shoot. This was our first endeavor and they helped us every step of the way. They even do the little things to make the day extra special, like providing flowers for the picnic tables! Thank you so much for a fun and successful day!

I have been involved in the planning and organizing of 3 or 4 charity clay shoots at SRSC. All of these shoots were able to raise a sufficient amount of money for the sponsoring organization. Each of these events ran smooth and the participants all seemed to enjoy themselves. I believe there are two reasons that these events were so successful.

First reason is the infrastructure at SRSC. The facilities are outstanding and are well maintained. Events run smooth when the equipment functions well. A clean, well-kept and modern venue makes a great impression on the attendees.

The second reason the events were successful is because of the owners and employees at SRSC. The staff at SRSC worked hard both before and during the events to make sure my expectations were met. The staff makes all participants feel welcome and quickly responds to any issues that arise. They are very professional and have the expertise to facilitate a sporting clay event.

I look forward to more events at SRSC and have great confidence that SRSC will provide an experience that all will enjoy.