ontinental Pheasant Hunts
This is a European style Continental Pheasant hunt. Hunters will be positioned at 15 stations that circle our new 80' tower. At each station 25+ pheasants will be thrown from the tower and then all shooters will rotate to the next station until all the stations have been shot.

Afterward everyone will reconvene at our Pavilion and enjoy a spectacular lunch while all your birds are cleaned, packaged, and divided equally among all shooters. We'll even share "Pheasants Santa Rosa," our award-winning recipe!

Call clubhouse to make reservations: 850.995.9377

Scheduled hunt dates are: TBA

The Shooting begins at 9:00 AM and ends at 12:00 PM.
400 birds will be thrown over 3 hours.

$325.00 per Person ($150 nonrefundable deposit is required)

Retrieving Dogs Welcome!
All retrieving dogs must be preregistered with managment prior to the shoot. Limited number of dogs will be allowed

Don't Forget! You'll need to following:

  • Florida hunting license
  • Eye and ear protection
  • Blaze orange
  • Five or more boxes of #6 shells
  • A cooler to ice down your birds